‘Anthem of Relief’

Greenpeace partnering with one of Australia’s biggest musician is a fitting move to bring awareness to thousands all across the world, but also attention to the environment in none other than a creative and trancing way to the younger, more disillusioned teens/ adults.

Recently, we’ve seen on all our social media platforms the alarming information concerning the Great Barrier Reef. How it has become so polluted due to manmade disasters, that if we do not control what effects we have on the climate, could have an even larger effect on the environment and ecosystem. Thus, the extinction of the Great Barrier Reef if we and large organisations do not take ‘social corporate responsibility’.

That’s not to say that Greenpeace’s latest campaign excludes the narrative of worldly users becoming more sensitised to the harming of the Great Barrier Reef, but also the environmental impact this will have the climate change all over the world.

‘Our changing climate means our oceans are warming, causing coral reefs to be cooked alive. If the water does not cool down in time, the coral then suffocates and dies. The single biggest threat facing the Great Barrier Reef is climate change – driven by the mining and burning of fossil fuels. The Reef may never recover to its past glory, but we can take action now to protect it disappearing completely.’ – Greenpeace

Flume’s short ‘teaser’ music clip shows the majestic, regal and beauty of Austraila’s coastal heaven on earth; the Great Barrier Reef. The video showcases how vibrant and full of life the Ocean is, which Flume’s music encapsulates. The sound of the Great Barrier Reef.

Flume’s teaser clip presents a serious call to action, presenting what’s at stake if something is not done now, as the conditions in the climate are already harrowing.  He leaves a message at the end of the clip bringing his audience back to reality with this dire message stated matter of factly: ‘Climate change is wrecking the Great Barrier Reef’ followed by a link to Greenpeace’s mission statement on this campaign.

Hats off to Greenpeace for this creative PR. This is a completely different take from what we are used to seeing from them but works just as effectively. Their understanding of the digital generation and how to reach this audience through music and sharing, as well as getting a generation to be concerned about the environment they habitat and how it affects the ecosystem is practically a win in itself, especially with the help of a popular not to mention Australian artist Flume is incredibly befitting.

Catch the ‘trendy’ music clip here below.



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