Invaluable life lessons Carmine Gallo’s ‘Talk like Ted’ implemented in me

Having studied public relations and advertising at university, and being subjected to provide NUMEROUS presentations in front of my peers, with little to no notes allowed… I wish I had discovered this book sooner rather than later.

My confidence in public speaking has grown significantly, however, this book has not only taught me how to make presentations more interpersonal but also provided me with an abundance of unexplainable inspiration that anything is possible with the simple notion that, as long as the power of communication and creating a vision is shared, it can be enhanced. This is achieved by simply asking your audience to re-visit your personal anecdotes with you; allowing the audience to get better character judgment but also helps them root for the same vision you have and are willing to share.

The journal-like book is spilt into three main core segments that are integral components that make a successful public speaker.

  1. Emotional – Emotive language helps show the depth and soul, the provenance of your idea. The audience can create a picture of what it is you are explaining from your own experiences and invites the audience to mirror your actions, and in so, are more likely to engage and think your speech is more original and authentic. The emotion is to also help you discover and determine what you are most passionate about, and help you pursue it. 
  2. Novel – ‘The most effective way to capture a person’s attention’ – In the simplest form, how unique is your presentation and did you make it your own? 
  3. Memorable – (Self-explanatory really) 

Though I should  keep these fruitful discoveries to myself,  I understand that many of us go through life trying to figure out what career path we actually want to pursue, by trying to pinpoint our true passions in life, and for that, I am willing to share some of the secrets that have triggered my mind into thinking anything is possible.

I hope these are as helpful, as they were for me:

  • ‘Dig deep to identify your unique and meaningful connection to your presentation topic… what fires you up might not be that obvious’
  • ‘A passion is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity’
  • ‘Authentic happiness can only come from the long-term cultivation of wisdom, altruism, and compassion and from the complete eradication of mental toxins, such as hatred, grasping and ignorance.’ – Carmine Gallo




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