Huh…What now?

So having recently finished my academic career at University of Westminster, and due to officially graduate in July, it may be fair to say that I feel somewhat lost. Honestly, I’m not upset that I have no more assignments that I have to keep up with, but rather that, it’s now time for me to fully immerse into this adult life, we all ‘dream’ about in our childhood; which has now caught up with me.

It’s one thing being told that, outside of your academic career’s, there’s a world of opportunity awaiting … one thing that I never really bought into, (call me pessimistic/realist) whatever. It’s just that, I’ve never brought into the idea that, graduates are welcomed into the working world so easily. There has to come some, hardship and adversity, and by that, I mean some experience in the field you want to be involved in with… that, or major connections. Either way, a degree won’t just open up doors for you, THERE IS ALWAYS SOME KIND OF HARDSHIP AWAITING.

Anyway, with most of my classmates now going off on holiday, backpacking the world travelling and taking the time to fully find themselves, whilst taking a well-deserved break from reality/work and others finding their step very quickly; into internships and graduate schemes or working for their father’s PR agencies etc. I can’t help but feel out of depth and league with all of my peers. Having applied to multiple internships and graduate schemes, I feel that maybe I might be lacking in some department, that by somehow, all my peers have got and achieved, though we completed the same degree.

It goes without saying, that nothing comes easily, but my, I didn’t think that securing an internship would be a challenge in itself. The reason being is that i’m fully willing to devote my time and learn from those willing to invest time in me, as this is the industry I desperately want to enter. With no luck so far, having an internship under my belt, it’s hard to be optimistic with the notion of ‘the world is your oyster’… “If you can’t secure an internship or graduate scheme, how are you going to get your real ‘dream job'”… an unwelcome thought that always creeps up in my most vulnerable moments.

However, I do know that I am capable of working for these many companies that I have applied for, and do have the skills they desire but lack the opportunity/luck of catching their eye.

Whatever is meant to be is meant it be I guess, but in the meantime, it won’t stop me from trying to work on my craft, better myself, my knowledge and hopefully have a portfolio, ready to showcase my talent, for a role that was waiting to be driven by such an individual.





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