Battle of the Movements: Contouring vs Strobing

The struggle is real, especially when you can finally perfect the skill of applying makeup accordingly and simultaneously keep to date with current beauty/fashion crazes, you feel on top of the world… and well, your makeup, looks completely on point and unhinged.

With contouring hitting us like a pandemic with the likes of reality star Kim Kardashian showcasing the tricks of the trade, we too want to look like we have a glam squad at our beck and call to ‘enhance’ our sculptured face; jawline so sharp a paramedics needs to be on standby.

Contouring is perfect for every makeup lover, but also those who aren’t blessed with prominent defined facial features (sigh), aka models but can also achieve this runway look in the comfort of your own home.

But beware, this trend is also is incredibly heavy based and requires a lot of trial and error, so if you’re ready to go out and have the natural/artificial light show the world your not so great blending skills…(we’ve all been there, don’t do it) be my guest.

But before you get your contouring on like a pro, make sure you know what shape your face is:

  • **The Diamond Shape** (face longer in length the width)
  • **Heart Shape** (width of cheeks > hairline)
  • **Oval Face Shape** (cheeks and chin are not so prominent)
  • **Rectangle Face** (hairline and jawline are even)
  • **Round Face Shape** (jawline and cheeks are not prominent)

Don’t get to comfortable though, because it’s time for another makeup mix up, brushes at the ready because make room for the next best thing… STROBING! Where you in the most literal terms, highlight the whole of your face.

For those who want to opt for that cute, everyday ‘natural’ minimal effort look, this is all you ladies, I present to you…Strobing!! Give it a try, it’s incredibly easy to apply, light and gives the face a natural healthy glow. It’s an obsession that’s overtaken the Instagram sphere, and what’s the harm in adding this easy go to technique under your belt… everyone’s a winner right? RIGHT

This method of highlighting your face is so easy and quick that unlike contouring, does not require a trial and error process; apply and enjoy the shimmer. The best thing about this ‘new trend’, is that there is no correct way of applying it, it’s all you and your own preference, the more you apply the more shimmer will appear (beware of making it clammy and too shiny).

What is strobing? I want instrobe

Its’s another form of chiselling the face, but doesn’t require 101 steps, but rather dabbing of highlighter around the cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupids bow, but If you want to go all out, then apply to your chin, forehead and temples.

“Makeup artists like myself have actually been practicing strobing for years,” says celebrity artist Mai Quynh. “We just didn’t use the exact term, and instead called it ‘reverse contouring.’ It’s actually pretty obvious where it’s coined from—we use strobe lights on models during photo shoots to find the glow points on their skin. While contouring is all about playing with shadows, strobing is focused on bringing out the light. Apply an illuminizer wherever you naturally get sun-kissed: Above your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your brow bone. And a dab of highlighter on your cupid’s bow always creates a really flattering effect for your lips, too,” she says, talking to teenvogue.

Both contouring and strobing have their pros and cons, contouring being it’s heavy based and requires a lot of time and skill, whereas strobing, if you apply too much highlight, the face looks all clammy and not so pretty, that being said, I’ll still back both because hey, who doesn’t want to have that effortless look as well as a sculpted face?


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