Modest Clothing, the ‘new’ Chic

I think its fair to say that ‘fashion is often recycled’. From denim overalls, to pencil skirts and platform shoes. It seems that fashionistas seem to get all their inspiration from the past i.e. the 80’s and 90’s…they’re recycled over the years and pushed through mainstream media and made out to be that these new designers have taken a new take on the classic’s, ‘reinventing’ a look to fit in with the current social trends around the world, but how often do you see modest clothing becoming a ‘new’ trend.

Muslim women are advised to wear loose clothing (modest) so their body shapes are not revealed, hiding their beauty from any strangers wondering eye; and have been ridiculed for wearing such ‘unflattering’ clothing items. Oh how the tables have now turned, and modest clothing is now a ‘hot new trend’. The cliché is that this is NOT a new trend, in no way shape or form what so ever. It’s what I like to call hypocrisy, in the sense that what was once ridiculed and called ugly, is now a must have seasonal item.

You’re even getting high end fashion brands cashing in on this new fashion craze (Dolce & Gabbana’s new abaya line), which honestly had me underwhelmed.

This is not new fashion. This is fashion which has been appropriated from ethnic cultures, but then again, what’s new?


Source: Google




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